Fast Transfers


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Fast transfers on the lagoon

One of the particularities that has made Venice so famous around the world is the total absence of cars. The roads of the Lagoon are the canals and the best (and simplest) way to explore the city is by boat. Reaching your hotel or other location by foot is oftentimes not easy, through the labyrinth of bridges, narrow alleys and small squares.

For this reason, renting a water taxi (for small groups) or a larger GT motorboat (for bigger groups) might be the most comfortable and accessible solution.

Ducale offers visitors a wide selection of options that are advantageous both in terms of time and money compared to public transport services.

Public water buses are less flexible, crowded (oftentimes it is difficult to find seating) and decisively less exclusive than our boats.

The advantages

Discover all of the benefits of choosing fast transfers services offered by Ducale:
  • Comfort: guaranteed covered seating for all passengers and a heating system on board available during the winter months
  • Flexibility: no set timetable and no waiting in line
  • Safety: private and safe boarding areas with professional assistance
  • Top-notch service: available seating for people with disabilities and mobility difficulties