Special offer schools


Are you interested in receiving additional information on Special offers for schools? Do you want to book a boat for a school trip and plan a visit of the lagoon?
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Did you know that...

The school that chooses a trip with the Ducale fleet can rely on the highest safety standards both on the ground (thanks to the jetties with adjacent reserved parking area) and during the trip on board (thanks to our expert staff and guaranteed covered seating).

A trip to Venice? Not a problem with Ducale

Our customer service and booking office, together with the parking area reserved to buses and the easily accessible jetties, provide the ideal solution to organize a transfer in Venice or to the islands of the Lagoon.

Special offer school: we offer special services to schools, for planning boat transfers and excursions.

We always guarantee the maximum standards of safety, offering principals and teachers the tranquility of relying on a prepared and expert partner.

Our customized private boarding area will solve a series of problems and simplify planning which on your own would require many resources, as in time, money and energy.

Special Offers for schools

On the ground

  • Special fares for students of all grades;
  • Planning bus drop off and boarding, both quickly and precisely (only a few minutes are necessary to drop off and board all passengers from a tourist bus);
  • Organizing and overseeing the operations of drop off from the bus and boarding the GT motorboats or water taxis thanks to the vicinity of the jetties to the parking area;
  • No need to organize transfers on foot to reach the ferries or water bus stops: only a few steps from the bus to the motorboat on our private dock to board the motorboats or water taxis;
  • Area designated for passenger boarding/disembarking, fenced and overseen by the ground staff of Ducale: no time wasted and no boredom for younger tourists;
  • Customer service office for group support in case of necessity (to offer relief or shelter in case of adverse weather conditions);
  • Minimal waiting times: no risk of having to wait for connections or public transport spending several minutes in the boiling summer heat or in the harsh cold during the winter months.


On board

  • Motorboats with heating during winter months for maximum comfort;
  • Boats equipped with all of the safety features in accordance to regulation;
  • Expert and competent staff on board to navigate in adverse weather conditions like rain or fog and also at night;
  • Microphone and sound system for group guides;
  • Guaranteed seating for everyone, protected from hot or cold weather; no risk of standing or being in a hazardous position during the trip.