Parties, weddings, events


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Make the most important moments unforgettable

The boats of the Ducale fleet, with their sought-after materials and the richness of equipment and services on board, provide an ideal location for an important event like a wedding, a birthday, a graduation party or a communion.

Style, tradition and quality

Every event becomes timeless thanks to the Ducale fleet. Whether it is a cerimony, a special occasion or a party, you will be able to enjoy your special event in absolute comfort and safety.

Services and opportunities offered

Among the services and opportunities offered, we would like to mention:

  • Support with guest and passenger transport for weddings, anniversaries, communions and other cerimonies in Venice
  • Planning transfers for graduation parties with the possibility of ogranizing parties directly on board (motorships)
  • Transfers to restaurants, hotels and other locations for banquets and receptions
  • Rentals with operator of Grand Touring motorboats for boarding, guest and participant transport to events and other cerimonies.