Did you know that...

Our shipyard guarantees 100% efficient service to our fleet. A team of technicians within the shipyard monitors and inspects the quality of all operations and materials used for repair and maintenance.

Our shipyard, quality and safety

All of our boats are maintained by our very own shipyard where a team of specialists takes care of all the maintenance and boat storage operations.

Situated only 10 minutes away from the main terminal of Tronchetto, the shipyard is a precious base for our fleet made up mostly of vessels built with precious materials that require constant maintenance.

The shipyard guarantees a 100% rate of service efficiency and in just 10 minutes it is possible to solve technical anomalies or malfunctions with direct interventions or by despatching a boat as substitute.

Customer Benefits

Being able to rely on our own shipyard offers many advantages:

  • Management and direct supervision of boat maintenance activities
  • Full traceability of the quality of materials and maintenance and repair of boats
  • Expertise and deep knowledge of all technical and structural aspects of the craft, as well as their characteristics and nautical navigation performance thanks to our shipwright working at the shipyard
  • Rapidity of intervention in case of urgencies and emergencies due to technical problems and anomalies with rapid-response and dispatch of replacement boats always available when needed