For your transfers on the Grand Canal or on the Venetian lagoon rely on a partner with proven experience and focus only on the beauty of your trip in Venice.

Traveling in serenity and safety

The brand Ducale offers a guarantee of safety from many points of view

An incomparable experience. Our company boasts almost 50 years of work navigating the lagoon of Venice: a matchless know how and experience.

Absolute safety. Nautical vessels and perfectly operational equipment, constantly monitored and maintained thanks to our shipyard nearby.

Only 10 minutes away by boat from the Tronchetto terminal, the shipyard allows to intervene in case of anomalies or malfunctions by dispatching a repairing team or a substitute boat, which is the same as the one previously booked.

Safety during navigation, thanks to the use of technologies and fully efficient boats constantly in radio contact with each other. Equipped with all the features in accordance to regulation and expert crew “Made in Venice” possessing the cultural background and experience of three generations of gondoliers and motorboat operators.

Certainty of living an incomparable travel experience, in total comfort and exclusivity with guaranteed covered seating, always available