Exclusive boats, for a unique experience

Your dream come true: a trip to Venice and the possibility of accessing the city directly by water. Our commitment: provide you with unique boats that will make you feel like you are one with the city and not just a tourist.

The Ducale boats are made of wood and are the same kind that used to navigate the waters of the Lagoon from the time of our grandparents: to experience a trip or transfer to a hotel with one of these vessels means jumping back in time.

Our grand touring motorboats are like “sea buses” and allow you to enjoy in an authentic way the atmosphere of Venice.

Guaranteed covered seating, heated during the winter months, will allow you to fully enjoy the trip, in total serenity. Without having to worry about the crowds of tourists that overflow the public water buses.

Ducale fleet: there isn't a better way to travel on the Lagoon and admire Venice and the islands that surround her.