Sior Todaro


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Did you know that...

The name "Sior Todaro" is an homage to one of the twin pillars in Saint Mark’s Square, dedicated to Saint Mark and Sior Todaro. Just like the twin pillars of Saint Mark’s Square, the Sior Todaro and Sior Marco are twin boats. The pillar of Saint Todaro is specifically dedicated to the Byzantine saint, Saint Teodoro of Amasea, which in Venetian dialect becomes San Todaro!


Sior Todaro is a grand touring motorboat, made entirely of wood and fully heated, which can transport up to 100 passengers, all with covered seating. Greater than 21 meters in length, it is fully equipped with all safety measures and is the ideal way to make a transfer in Venice even during the frigid winter months thanks to its heated and comfortable passenger cabin.

If you require group transfers, this type of boat is the perfect solution for you. You can use the Sior Todaro for rentals with operator and for rides on the lagoon for a few hours or the entire day.

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Type Grand Touring Motorboat
Passenger capacity
100 seats
Features wooden boat
Dimensions length 21.55m, width 3.19m, gross tonnage 19.22t
Safety measures life vests and rings on board in accordance with regulation
Services seating, heating