GT Motorboats

Our grand touring (GT) motorboats are sturdy wooden vessels that can transport from 26 to 100 people and offer covered seating protected from changing weather conditions, even for travelers with disabilities.

Just like modern “sea buses” our traditional Venetian boats are equipped with first class services to ensure maximum comfort and a unique travel experience while transfering on the lagoon from the terminals of Tronchetto, Ferrovia, Airport, Punta Sabbioni, San Giuliano, Lido, and Chioggia.

Did you know that...

Our Grand Touring motorboats are ideal for night rides or in adverse weather conditions even during the winter months thanks to the heating system and all necessary equipment on board.


Damerino is a grand touring motorboat, made entirely of wood.

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Ducale è in grado di trasportare fino a 40 passeggeri, tutti a sedere...

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Sior Enrico

Sior Enrico offre posti a sedere per disabili e persone con ridotta capacità...

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San Zulian

San Zulian è uno dei Motoscafi Gran Turismo di maggiori dimensioni della...

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Sior Marco

Sior Marco realizzato in legno, solca le acque della laguna da più di...

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Sior Tita

Sior Tita è un’imbarcazione che può portare fino a 78 passeggeri, comodamente...

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